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Viheriä means learning and relaxing 

Well, actually Viheriä means green color.   I chose the name because it is the color of my passion, healing powers of Nature.


All my services, forest walks and herbal studies are available in English.

I am Environmental Educator, Nature - and Environment- and Natural Mindfulness guide. Currently studying in Humak University of Applied Sciences to graduate as Community Educator

I´ve been growing, learning and using herbs for thirty years and I teach them in Sastamala Community College.

Get in touch, and I will organize a wonderful, reviving experience and  lead you to your true nature. Send me an email.

You are welcome to Viheriä experience!


Healing power of Nature

"The range on specific health outcomes tied to nature is startling, including depression and anxiety disorder , diabetes mellitus, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), various infectious diseases, cancer, healing from surgery, obesity, birth outcomes, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal complaints, migraines, respiratory disease and others. Nature is a powerful physician. "

M. Amos Clifford

"A Natural Mindfulness walk is one of the easiest way to experience a deeper connection with nature and your true nature."

Ian Banyard / Cotswold Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing

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